3 Secrets to Prevent Your Eyewear From Slipping

3 Secrets to Prevent Your Eyewear From Slipping

Today we want to share some tips and tricks on how to prevent your eyewear from slipping.

Sliding glasses is a common complaint for many people. You know the feeling; you’re constantly pushing your glasses back up your nose, but you don’t want to attempt to make any adjustments because you just don’t have the time or the patience. However, deep down you know you’ll need to fix them eventually, so they fit properly on your head. We get it. For all you quick-fix magicians, here are some simple solutions to put off that adjustment for a little longer.

  • Wrap hair-ties around the arms to increase grip. Slide one hair-tie about one third of the way down the arm and make a loop. Make sure the loop is tight and repeat the procedure on the other arm. Make sure the ties blend in with the colour of the arms and are comfortable for you.
  • Always wash your face to remove any oil buildup. Everyone can get oily skin, and this can cause your glasses to slip down your nose. Many skincare products are available to help remove these natural oils. Try and do this in the morning and before bed.
  • Apply heat-shrink tubing on both arms to make them tighter. Whenever you use heat-shrink tubing it adapts and, once heated, conforms to the shape of whatever object it’s on. Make sure the tubing covers the part of the arm around the ear.

Although this cheat-sheet works, remember to always find a well-fitted frame to start with, or pop into your optometrist to make a professional adjustment. If you do this, you’ll never need to worry about adjusting your eyewear in a way that may ruin your glasses completely.

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This is perfect! Thanks for the tips

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