5 Things Everyone Who Wears Glasses Must Have

5 Things Everyone Who Wears Glasses Must Have

We’ve all been there. Wondering what gadgets are best to equip us for any pitfalls which may come up with our eyewear. Things like how to prevent fogging, scratches, or adjust the hinges when our specs are too tight or too loose. We could go on for hours with the list of complaints glasses wearers tell us.

Happily, we won’t make you suffer listening to us ramble on and on. So, below we’ve listed the top five must-have accessories every glasses owner should have.

  1. Lens wipes. Wipes fit easily into your purse or wallet and help prevent fogging and smears.
  2. Tube of wax. Wax helps add some adhesion to the nose bridge of your glasses to avoid them slipping.
  3. A necklace loop. An easy and subtle way to hang your glasses without resorting to something less stylish.
  4. Hard-shell case. Glasses cases are simply the best way to prevent scuffs when you’re on the go and need to throw your glasses somewhere safe.
  5. Cling-on holders for your car. Do you drive a lot and own multiple pairs of glasses and sunglasses? Adding a holder above your car visor avoids having to throw them in the dirty center storage box, which can often be full of gunk from spilled coffee cups or leftover fast food meals!

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