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Five ways to prevent eye strain when working from home

Today we want to tell you five ways to help reduce eye strain while working from home.

As we move into the second wave of COVID-19, many of us continue to work from home. This trend means many of us may take less breaks and spend an increased amount of time in front of our computers.

If you feel you fit into this scenario, you’ve come to the right place to get advice on how to keep your eyes healthy, while maintaining productivity at work.

  1. Increase your font size. Magnifying the font size on your device will prevent eye strain and prevent squinting.
  2. Blink more than usual. Moisture from blinking is very important for healthy eyes.
  3. Take breaks like you would in the office. More time away from the computer will prevent eye strain and pain. Follow the 20-20 rule by looking away from the screen every 20 minutes or look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  4. Create technology free zones. Whether you’re looking at the TV, your phone or your computer, take time away from the screen. Go for a walk, make a coffee or put on a load of laundry.
  5. Change your room lighting. You need to find the balance between the room being too bright and too dark. Poor lighting can induce eye strain and headaches. It can even impact your mood.

Important note: eye strain alone won’t cause long-term problems; however, it can lead to retina damage if you don’t take regular breaks.

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