How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Luckily, we all have different style preferences which signal our own unique personality. The same goes with our choice of glasses. However, choosing the best shape specs for your own face shape is not as easy as you may think. Today we’re here to let you know the right frame is out there waiting for you, and we’ll help you identify which fit is best for you.

Generally, people will either have a face shape called diamond, heart, oval, square or round. You can easily identify this by looking into a mirror and taking a close look at your facial features.

Below is some advice for choosing the best shaped frame for your facial type:

Diamond shaped. The rarest face shape and often noticeable with full cheeks and a slim jawline. You’re best to keep your features delicate, and oval shaped frames will help balance your overall look.

Heart shaped. A wide face with a narrow chin and high cheekbones. It’s best to avoid heavy frames. We recommend you look for round and thin designs, with the aim of enhancing your delicate features!

Oval shaped. This face shape makes it easy to get away with bold frame designs and shapes. Whether you choose square or rectangular, you have many options which will look great. Stay away from heavy and narrow frames though which could elongate your face.

Square shaped. Defined by a strong jawline, this face shape is best suited to glasses which sit higher on the nose an adds length to your face. Ideally, choose a dark and rounded frame and avoid all angular specs. We think rimless frames are the way to go for you.

Round shaped. This face shape is best suited for angular frames. With a face of mostly equal proportion, extra depth in your frames helps bring the most out of your style.

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