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Importance of Eye Exams


This week we wanted to share some reasons as to why its so important to get regular eye exams.

All too often, you may find reasons not to go to the eye doctor as opposed to forcing yourself to go.  You convince yourself you don’t have a problem when you do, or you make up excuses about the office being too far away, and you can’t make the trip.

Now, we hope to give you some motivation to make that crucial first appointment.

It’s important to start with knowing the difference between vision screening and eye exams. With vision screenings, you’ll be asked to identify letters from close to 20 feet away. Whenever a test comes in lower than 20/40 level, the patient will likely be sent to a further professional in the eye care industry. 

As for eye exams – this service is most commonly done by optometrists. Over the course of your appointment you’ll be guided through a vision screening examination, along with multiple tests to measure the strength of your eyes. Some potential problems you’re screened for include cataracts, detached retinas and glaucoma.

Did you know a regular family physician can often diagnose potential medical problems through your eye exam?

Fun fact: Blood vessels in a person’s eyes often lead to discovering overall health problems.

Other common medical conditions include: Cancer, tumors, high cholesterol and many more medical conditions.

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