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Measuring your PD (pupillary distance)

Hey gorgeous, 

Need your PD measurement?  We got you.  You’ll need a ruler with millimeters, a mirror and preferably a friend to help:

  • Stand 8 inches away from a mirror.
  • Hold a ruler tight and close to your eyebrow.
  • Close your right eye, align the ruler’s 0 mm with the center of your left pupil.
  • Ensure you are looking straight, close your left eye and proceed to open your right eye.
  • The mm line that lines up to the center of your right pupil be your PD measurement.

When measuring your PD, do it at least three times to make sure the number remains precise.

For a more precise PD measurement, try a Dual PD which is the distance between one pupil to the center of the bridge of your nose.  You will then get two measurements and is usually indicated as 32 (left)/32 (right) again, use a ruler with mm – do not convert from inches as it will not be as precise.

How to measure Dual PD:

  • Stand 8 inches away from a mirror.
  • Place the 0 of the ruler in the center of the bridge of your nose
  • Measure the distance between the center of your bridge, to the center of your left eye
  • Repeat on the other eye

Use this as a tool when ordering your lenses from us online.  Alternatively, you can download an app on your phone called Eye Measure (for iOS) or GlassesOn (for Android).

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