Proven Methods to Help Your Vision Living Device Friendly Lifestyles

Proven Methods to Help Your Vision Living Device Friendly Lifestyles

Do you suffer from sensitive eyes after staring at your digital device? Whether your screen is a TV, computer, smart phone or tablet, you may already struggle with constant headaches, neck strain or nausea. Luckily, we’ve got some answers to solve your problems!

When your lifestyle needs support from glasses.

Chances are, if you’re considering wearing glasses for use with your digital devices, you’ve already experienced some discomfort while using your device.

If you’re forced to us a digital device for work or you just love being attached to your smart phone, you may have noticed changes in your vision recently. In this case, it may be the time to to look into glasses.

Your problems may include frequent headaches or the feeling of nausea. Also, if you suffer from hypermetropia, or long-sightedness, you might find it difficult to read your phone screen up close.

Wearing glasses for your devices can make those small tasks feel easy again, particularly if you’re someone who uses multiple devices every day. However, your eyes may sometimes need added visual support, especially if your lifestyle is reliant on electronic devices.

Today most of us use at least one electronic device. In fact, reports say over 90 per cent of us own a phone. Added to that, the choice to own multiple devices in our house or workplace is limitless. Cell phones are a ubiquitous accessory for everyone, and we use them for hours at a time. But why do we use them so much when our eyes are not made for them?

It’s said our vision may start to deteriorate after looking at a screen for as little as 20 minutes.  Imagine the damage the average person does to their eyes when they’re constantly looking into a screen.  Chances are they will be dealing with symptoms like blurred vision, headaches and nausea.

Even though so many people have control of how they manage their eyesight, the average person will continue to negatively impact their long-term vision by being complacent on the amount of daily screen time they take up.

Lenses can help too.

Although specific prescription glasses can help with the above problems, we also recommend certain lenses to help support your digital lifestyle.

Providing yourself with the right lens to reduce glare and reflections will go a long way to help your ongoing symptoms. Continuous reflections from your digital device can be a source of visual discomfort and force you to adopt new behaviours. Bad habits. like changing your posture or tilting your head, will lead to back ache and neck strain. Reducing screen glare will lead to an overall feeling of wellbeing and provide relief to those stubborn symptoms you may experience every day.

We recommend trying our new clear lenses with the blue light filter or the popular photochromic lenses. Both these lenses are designed for device-loving lifestyles and we’re certain they will help improve your day-to-day struggles when working on numerous devices.

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