3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dollar Store Lenses

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dollar Store Lenses

Let’s be honest, we all love a bargain. However, saving a few dollars may be the worst thing to do if it affects your eye health and vision. We get it. COVID-19 has had negative financial implications for many of us. So today we want to tell you about the harm you could cause to your eyes by choosing the cheap option.

Could cheap lenses cause permeant damage to your eyesight? Not quite, but they’re not an ideal solution, and they can offer poor quality vision. This may lead to migraines and ongoing vision problems while using them.

 But wait – there’s more.

  • One size fit all. We are all unique have different shaped heads. Minor differences in the width between our eyes can cause eye strain if our glasses are not fitted correctly. Finding the right customized fit for your own head shape is essential for optimal vision in our daily lives.
  • Cheap lenses won’t correct any vision problems. If you have myopia or another commonplace diagnosis, dollar store lenses will only help with magnification. The sub-quality lenses may even worsen your existing condition, instead of correcting it.
  • Poorly made. Poor quality control often leads to a terrible product. Blurred or even double-vision and headaches are likely to occur if you choose to buy cheap, dollar store lenses.

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