Why Are My Glasses Making My Eyesight Worse?

Why Are My Glasses Making My Eyesight Worse?

Whether you’re new to wearing glasses or a proven expert, eventually you may notice your lenses are not hitting the mark like they used to. Or, perhaps you find your frames are not fitting your face as comfortably as you would like. You may even notice some eye strain or suffer from frequent migraines.

But what are the side effects of wearing incorrect prescription lenses? The truth is, if your lenses don’t provide the correction you need, you’ll undoubtedly notice a negative impact on your vision and quality of life. Sometimes, long-term damage can occur if you don’t act swiftly to address symptoms such as the feeling of motion sickness, dizziness or a lack of clear vision which may occur because your eyes are working overtime. 

If you’re in doubt this describes your situation – pay attention to your eye habits. If you’re squinting, unable to read the text messages on your phone or adopting a bad posture you may not be wearing the correct lens prescription.

Symptoms of ill-fitting lenses include not seeing clearly which can be caused by tired eyes. This is the result of your eyes working harder than they need to. Over-correction usually means the glasses are too strong, whereas under-correction means they are too weak. Either of these can lead to neck pain, sickness and migraines. If you think you’re going through one of these problems, it’s important to address the issues by seeing an optometrist as soon as possible.

One common problem among spectacle wearers could be the frames don’t suit the face shape. The wrong choice of frame shape may have been because you decided to grab the cheapest frame from the local dollar store as you were strapped for cash and not able to afford a visit to a professional who could assist you. If you find your glasses feel either loose or tight, pinch or even slide down your nose, you’re likely dealing with a frame that just isn’t right for you. Don’t suffer any longer and go and visit an optician for an adjustment or pick a new set.

Good news! A lot of the problems mentioned here can be corrected. You will see a marked improvement in your vision once you start wearing lenses which are designed specifically for your eyes.

Remember, adapting to something new will take time and patience. Your brain takes a little time to adapt to these changes, so although it may be a little frustrating at first be sure to stick with the change.

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