Metrospec is for daring individuals who seek most stylish, iconoclastic, urban and highly rated androgynous eyewear to match their multifaceted, individual and distinctive lifestyle. Developed with the highest standard of craftsmanship, led by years of technical design, market research and innovative philosophy. Metrospec reimagines eyewear frames for a modern and contemporary lifestyle while celebrating timeless elegance, androgynous flair, sleek refinement and iconoclastic design. We celebrate craftsmanship, elegant, streamlined innovation and effortless design and our urban styling and designs reinforce your personal style while setting you apart. Metrospec also champions an intricate design process, incorporating contemporary handcrafted designs with artistic colour selections and textures. Each frame is meticulously crafted from the finest quality cellulose acetate and steel and undergoes many stringent tests before being painted, polished and assembled by hand for a high gloss luster that gives you that stylish edge. Define your true individuality with eye wear, glasses and frames that celebrate your bold character, your urban fashion sense and singular panache. Stylish, iconoclastic eyewear to match your daring, individual and distinctive lifestyle.