How We Support our Brick and Mortar Stores

As the collection slowly grew and our customer base expanded, we started getting many requests online as to where the collection could be found. Customers from Paris, Mykonos, and small towns in the US wanted to purchase a frame but there was no optical store nearby who carried the collection. So we came up with this little idea that if we sell the collection online, our brick and mortar stores shouldn’t suffer by losing the sale. We therefore, devised a plan, that if you purchased a frame from us directly within a 10km radius of one of our brick and mortar stores, we would split the sale of the frame with our nearest customer. We would then direct you to that customer for lenses and proper fitting. We saw it as a win-win-win!!

If you’re a store who would be interested in carrying the collection, or finding out more information about how we support you through our online sales, feel free to contact us